God is in the Details

Adoption is scary, it’s a total unknown. I’m here to tell you it’s worth it. Our adoption story began in the winter of 2012. There were a number of things going on at that time that I won’t elaborate on because it’s not my story to tell, but let’s just say those things were calling me to adoption. Little did I know God was preparing Evan and I to be adoptive parents long before this season. While waiting for Evan and I to come to the decision to pursue adoption to build our family, I began to research. I think because I wanted to know all I could, but honestly, it helped me feel like things were moving closer, closer to becoming a mother and a family of 3. Ultimately, we chose to go with an adoption consultant agency. For our family, this was the right decision. We signed up and found a local agency to do our home study. We completed all the paperwork, background checks, and interviews. Two months later, we were home study ready. In the mean time, a consultant was helping us make our profile book. Things started to feel like they were moving in the right direction. Adoption, whether it be domestic or international is expensive, but in no way should that be a barrier to you and your family pursuing it! I’m serious. Adoptions are 10s of thousands of dollars, and that’s scary. Life changing scary. Let me remind you again that God is in the details. We had savings, but it wasn’t quite enough. It was heartbreaking but our story was just beginning. In the coming days, we prayed about it, researched our options, and went out on a limb. We were ready to be matched. Continue reading


Here We Go!

I never envisioned myself to be a blogger, like ever, but here I am. To be honest, it makes me pretty nervous, but there are a number of reasons why I’m typing this now. Let me start by saying that my new role as an Adoption Advocate with Christian Adoption Consultants has been a situation that has really pushed me out of my comfort zone, and one of the biggest reasons I felt I should start this blog. However, as a women who has been through infertility and the adoption process, I really wish I would have started sooner! As a social worker, I often tell clients to journal, it can be so therapeutic. I should have really taken my own advice. While living through infertility and the adoption process, I should have started a blog, even if just for myself to read. Now the mother of an awesome 2 year old and an amazing relationship with his birth family, I wish I had written down my journey so far. If I had, I could read about the really bad days, days where I may have felt hopeless, then about the good days, where everything came together and just made sense. This is my testimony-it was really a journey about patience and trust (more on that later!). So, if you are living through it now, stop reading this (come back!) and start a blog/journal. You’ll thank me later!

I am so very passionate about adoption, and I love sharing my experience and why my husband and I took the path we did, which ultimately led us to our son and his birth family-our family. If you are considering adoption for your family, please email me at shannon@christianadoptionconsultants.com, I would love to talk to you more about it!


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