A New Beginning

My last blog post was a YEAR AND A HALF ago. Who does that?? Ugh. I’ve had so many ideas come to me, so many times I should I have written and I didn’t. Major changes have happened since then, and I feel I owe anyone who actually wants an update, just that, an update. The problem is going to be me remembering back a year and a half. Ha!

I got the urge to write over the holidays and today. The New Year holds a special place in my heart. It was this time of year I went on a first official date with my now husband, and began both, yes you heard me right..both adoption journeys. There is something unique about New Year’s. Its a short moment in time where the memories of the past and the hope for the new year meet. So, the last year and a half? In a very brief summary, we grew older, my toddler is a little boy, another visit with his birth family, we grieved the deaths of loved ones, and celebrated the births of cherished babies. My husband and I decided to take back our health and feel better than we have in a long time both inside and out! I watched in joy as a friend and family member each pursued adoption for their family and their babies turned a year old recently. Last but not least, we have been blessed by adoption again and our family is now a family of four+bulldog.

Rewind back to early 2015….my husband and I knew we wanted to adopt again but again faced fears about the financial piece of adoption and were nervous about the cost of adoption again. My husband had a certain dollar amount and plan in his mind. Once we were able to reach that amount in savings, we would adopt. The dreamer in me did the math, probably wrong, and thought that this would mean August. August came and went. Not without a surprise check for the amount we had set to save each month coming in the mail, but it still wasn’t enough. December crept up on us and I was not willing to wait any longer to start our journey. (See paragraph 2) I was ready for the magic and hope of the new year to guide our adoption just as it had with our son 3 years ago. With much hesitation, my husband agreed to start the process.

To Be Continued….

I wish your family all the best in 2017, if your plans and hopes include adding to your family and you’ve considered adoption, feel free to contact me with questions!