Our Girl

…My friends at work graciously offered to throw me a shower at work because we had matched with a Momma due with a girl and were swimming in bins of boy clothes and blue blankets at home. Although there are no guarantees in adoption and we may have not brought home a baby girl if this she chose to parent, I accepted and scheduled the shower right away. We had 5 weeks to prepare and this momma could deliver early. The morning of the shower, I got a call, A was in labor and wanted us to head to the hospital.

I called Evan, we both left work and headed for the hospital. My heart was racing with excitement and nervousness, the shower would have to wait! We arrived at the hospital and waited. She had been rushed back for an emergency C-Section. We soon heard the music indicating a sweet baby had just entered the world. We couldn’t help but wonder if that was her. Hours went by as A recovered from the C-Section and baby girl was taken to the NICU. We finally got the go ahead to meet the baby. We walked back, her tiny body hooked up to an IV and monitors. She was tiny. Tiny and beautiful with dark hair and dark eyes. This little lady had been through so much, but she was absolute perfection and the love was instant. We finally got the chance to meet A, she was more beautiful than the one picture we had, even after what she had endured. Our meeting was brief as she rested, but good. Our love for her was instant, too.


The next 5 weeks were spent in the NICU as baby girl was weaned off drugs she was exposed to in utero and grew outside the womb during the time she should have still be inside. It was tough and exhausting to say the least, but the nurses and doctors were angels on earth. Our families and friends stepped up and helped in ways we couldn’t have imagined. God knew we could handle this and we did. During our time there, the days seemed so long and our time there neverending, but we were discharged and drove home with our girl.Β  Our daughter has my middle name and her birth mother’s middle name and she grows more beautiful and stronger each day. Her smile is contagious and she is one of the happiest babies I have ever met. This girl perseveres and will do great things. She and her brother may share no DNA, but the love is strong and their bond even stronger. A has yet to meet her birth mom, but she wants A to see the best version of her. Our adoption is very open and we talk often. The love we have for her grows as our bond does. Don’t ever let the picture of what you think is supposed to be get in the way of what could be. Our second adoption was nothing we could have predicted, but everything it should be.



2 thoughts on “Our Girl

  1. Shannon you are one of the kindest hearts I have had the pleasure to meet. And to think we were randomly matched sophmore year in college πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing your beautiful story and heart! I love you my friend! πŸ˜˜πŸ’

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