Here We Go!

I never envisioned myself to be a blogger, like ever, but here I am. To be honest, it makes me pretty nervous, but there are a number of reasons why I’m typing this now. Let me start by saying that my new role as an Adoption Advocate with Christian Adoption Consultants has been a situation that has really pushed me out of my comfort zone, and one of the biggest reasons I felt I should start this blog. However, as a women who has been through infertility and the adoption process, I really wish I would have started sooner! As a social worker, I often tell clients to journal, it can be so therapeutic. I should have really taken my own advice. While living through infertility and the adoption process, I should have started a blog, even if just for myself to read. Now the mother of an awesome 2 year old and an amazing relationship with his birth family, I wish I had written down my journey so far. If I had, I could read about the really bad days, days where I may have felt hopeless, then about the good days, where everything came together and just made sense. This is my testimony-it was really a journey about patience and trust (more on that later!). So, if you are living through it now, stop reading this (come back!) and start a blog/journal. You’ll thank me later!

I am so very passionate about adoption, and I love sharing my experience and why my husband and I took the path we did, which ultimately led us to our son and his birth family-our family. If you are considering adoption for your family, please email me at, I would love to talk to you more about it!


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